January 2022

Red Tulip Project, wellness coach and fitness instructor Lana Niebuhr, and the Geauga YMCA have teamed up to present a new program to unite the power of wellness in spirit, mind, and body. The Women’s Wellness and Recovery Program is a 12-week, 12-step program at the Geauga Family YMCA. It combines exercise with basic nutrition information for women who are at least three months sober, if chemically addicted, or suffering other addictions.
Program founders are social worker Kristy Mowry of Red Tulip Project of Geauga and Lana Niebuhr, a wellness coach and fitness instructor.
The program, which incorporates a Life Recovery Group, aims is to help women struggling with chemical addiction or a life problem that became unmanageable and create a support group in a positive atmosphere that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

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