Our Purpose

The Red Tulip Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity. Our Mission is to provide recovery housing for women in Geauga County. We are dedicated to raising community awareness concerning addiction issues and services. We have constructed, opened, and now operate Monarch Meadow, a level 2 recovery home in Claridon Township. We assist tenants with transportation to counseling, training, employment, and meetings and provide resources to promote healing.

The purpose of The Red Tulip Project is to raise funds to construct, maintain, and operate a recovery house for women in Geauga County, to assist tenants with transportation to counseling, training, and employment, and to provide resources to promote healing. 

The Red Tulip Project (RTP), adopted the red tulip as a symbol of hope and healing.

Healing a community

An unplanned outcome from our efforts has been providing an outlet for the community to be educated about addiction and the impact of the Opiate Epidemic. It has given individuals an opportunity to contribute, no matter how large or small an amount in combatting this scourge on our society, thus diminishing their feelings of helplessness. So many people contributed as they could to make this dream a reality. The construction industry was amazingly generous in donating labor and materials. Many People in recovery donating or working on the house were humbled and honored to give back so others might have opportunity for the same positive transformation they had experienced. Families in mourning channeled their grief into something positive and beautiful.

Impacts on the opiate epidemic

Impacts of the Opiate Epidemic in Geauga County are far- reaching. In 2007, unintentional drug poisoning became the leading cause of injury death in Ohio, surpassing motor vehicle crashed for the first time on record. This tread has continued. 

According to The Ohio Department of Health In 2018, 3,764 people died of unintentional drug overdoses, a decrease of 1,090 compared to 2017 and the lowest number of deaths since 2015. Fentanyl was involved in nearly 73% of overdose deaths in 2018, often in combination with other drugs. That percentage was up from 71% in 2017, 58% in 2016, and nearly 38% in 2015. 

In 2018, fentanyl was involved in nearly 80% of all heroin-related overdose deaths, 74% of all cocaine-related overdose deaths, and 67% of all psychostimulant/methamphetamine-related overdose deaths. Carfentanil was involved in 75 fentanyl-related overdose deaths in 2018 compared to 1,010 in 2017. 

The number of overdose deaths involving natural and semi-synthetic opioids (e.g., oxycodone and hydrocodone) declined 42% from 2017 to 2018.

The Opiate taskforce

The Opiate TaskForce was formed in 2012 as a committee of Geauga County leaders working to promote a “Drug-free Geauga”program, using county resources to remove unused prescription drugs from the community and keep unlawful drugs out.


Qualified staff

We employ trained, certified, licensed peer recovery support staff to maintain high quality standards in a rapidly changing sober living industry. 


  • Laura Christian, President
  • Terry Zion, Vice President
  • Rev. Mary Ellen Hoffman, Secretary
  • Dianne Kellogg, Treasurer
  • Ann Horvath
  • Felicia M. Hough
  • Kassandra McNaughton

Interested in becoming a board member? Contact us to get the conversation started.